Joma Music

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Selected Placements

"Difficult People" - TV Show - Hulu

We were thrilled to have placed 3 songs into Season One of the very funny "Difficult People" on Hulu, including a breakout track by Morningsiders which appearred in the show's premiere episode.

"Broad City" - TV Show - Comedy Central

In February 2015, we placed the Joma Records single "Superhigh" by Daniel Hudson into the hit TV show "Broad City" on Comedy Central.  

"Arbitrage" - Feature Film

We placed the Ned Washington/Victor Young standard "My Foolish Heart" into this film, which stars Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon.   Gere was later nominated for a Golden Globe Award for his performance.

"Scandal" - TV Show - ABC

We were very excited to have placed Nina Simone's version of the Ned Washington song "Wild Is The Wind" into "Scandal" on ABC -- one of the highest rated shows on television.

"The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby" - Feature Film

We were very proud to have placed Cat Power's haunting version of the timeless classic "Wild Is The Wind" into this 2-part feature film starring Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy.

"Kill Your Darlings" - Feature Film

Daniel Radcliffe starred in this critically acclaimed 2012 art-house feature film which contained the Joma-published song "The Magic Fiddler" written by the songwriting trio of Giant Baum & Kaye.

Google Chrome - Worldwide Advertising Campaign

We placed the Ned Washington TV theme song "Rawhide" into this worldwide advertising campaign for Google Chrome.

"Shameless" - TV Show - Showtime

We licensed the Giant Baum Kaye 1966 cartoon theme "Kimba The White Lion" to this Showtime hit starring William H. Macy.

"Mafia II" - Video Game

We placed 5 songs by the songwriting trio Giant Baum and Kaye into the soundtrack of this vintage 1950s and 60s themed video game, including the songs "Held For Questioning", "My Guardian Angel", "900 Miles", "Springtime in Monaco" and "Ooh Baby Ooh".

"Fringe" - TV Show - Fox-TV

The 1966 Giant Baum & Kaye cartoon theme song "Kimba The White Lion" appeared in an episode of this hit Fox-TV sci-fi show created by J.J. Abrams.

"Bomb Girls" - TV Miniseries - Global Television Network (Canada)

We placed the Ned Washington song "A Hundred Years From Today" into the first episode of this Canadian WW2-era miniseries which was so popular it went on to become a syndicated television show.

"Lie To Me" - TV Show - Fox-TV

We placed Brandon Wilde's haunting, Radiohead-influenced version of "Silent Night" into the holiday episode of this hit Fox-TV show starring Tim Roth.   The song became one of the most downloaded tracks on our critically acclaimed holiday album "A Very Joma Christmas".

"Jingle Bell Rocks" - Documentary Feature Film

Out of the handful of songs selected by this documentary as the most collectible holiday songs of all time, we were thrilled that they selected A Girl Called Eddy's version of "The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot" -- a track available exclusively on our critically acclaimed album "A Very Joma Christmas".

"Take Care" - Feature Film

Lou Bega is known for his famous "Mambo Number 5" but we were very happy to have placed this remixed version of his song "Balkan Bachata" into this indie feature film starring Leslie Bibb ("Iron Man") and Thomas Sadoski ("The Newsroom").

First Citizens Bank - Television Commercial

We were happy to have placed the TV theme song "Rawhide" into a regional US commercial for First Citizens Bank.

"When Santa Fell To Earth" - Feature Film (Germany)

Based on a beloved German children's story, the holiday film "When Santa Fell To Earth" used the track "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" from our critically acclaimed album "A Very Joma Christmas".

MTV - TV Shows and Public Service Announcements (Multiple)

MTV licensed the entire 17-track album "A Very Joma Christmas" for use in mutliple shows on the network and for Public Service Announcements on

Alvin Ailey Dance Company - Live Theatrical

We licensed the song "Wild Is The Wind" into the Alvin Ailey Dance Company's contemporary ballet "In/Side" -- a staple of the acclaimed company's repetoire for several years during their tours across the United States.